Edward A. Dougherty has published several collections, including:

  • Everyday Objects. 2015. Plain View Press. (Available directly from the publisher or from Amazon)
  • Pilgrimage to a Ginkgo Tree. 2008. WordTech Communications (Get a copy from Amazon). Read some three sample poems at the publisher’s pages.
  • Part Darkness, Part Breath. 2008. Plain View Press (Get a copy from Plain View Press or Amazon)
  • House of Green Water. (2015) FootHills Publishing. These poems were commissioned as part of a multi-discipline art event, called Where Sacred Waters Divide. It was performed in mid-March 2015. Will Wickham was commissioned to set the work to music; he created instrumental pieces and songs that led into the poems as they were read by actors. (He also conducted the Cantata Singers and the musicians, too.) In the week before the performances, Michael Czarnecki, poet and publisher, agreed to make this lovely collection. It includes a few additional poems.
  • Backyard Passages. FootHills Publishing (This small publisher creates beautiful editions, including hand-sewn bindings, so please order from FootHills). The post a sample, too.
  • The Luminous House. Finishing Line Press (Another great small press to support: Finishing Line)
  • Small Galaxies. Winner of the New Eden Chapbook Award. (published as part of an edition of Ruah)
  • The Metal of My Mouth. FootHills Publishing (Very few copies are left–contact me directly)
  • Pilgrimage to a Ginkgo Tree. Hiroshima, Japan: World Friendship Center (This collection includes work by two other poets, Hiromu Morishita and John Bradley. Very few copies are available.)
  • Double Bloom: Exercises for Poets. Longman. (a textbook for writing poetry) Co-authored with Scott Minar.

Hear an interview on WSKG’s Off the Page with Bill Jaker.

Listen to Tish Perlman’s Out of Bounds when we discussed Pilgrimage to a Ginkgo Tree.


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