My first collection of essays, Journey Work, was released in March 2021. Click over to the “New & Forthcoming” page for more info.

10048, a collection of poems about the World Trade Center, is available from Finishing Line Press. About this book, Alan Catlin has said:

What John Hershey did with Hiroshima, Edward A. Dougherty has done for 9-11. 10048 is an elegy for the World Trade Center, the best kind of poetic history: one which is unvarnished, accurate, compassionate, and poignant.

Orders are being taken at Finishing Line, so visit their page. Also, visit the Sample page on this site for links to published poems from 10048. Click over to the “10048” page to find links to the news coverage of the book launch.

When I was a guest on WETM’s Mornings in Corning, Grant Chungo and I discussed several of my publications, so it’s a good overview to my work.

Let’s stay in touch. You can subscribe up for my Tiny Letter which I send out infrequently; click the link below.

To order books directly from me (I’m happy to sign copies) or to arrange a reading or invite me to lead a creative writing workshop in your area, contact me via email: edward.dougherty64 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Edward A. Dougherty earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University and has published 5 collections of poetry and 5 chapbooks, including Grace Street (Cayuga Lake Books), Everyday Objects (Plan View), and House of Green Water (FootHills Publishing).

His collection Grace Street is  available from Cayuga Lake Books of Ithaca, NY. You can hear him discuss the book with Tish Pearlman on Out of Bounds. About these poems, Eamon Grennan said,

“Edward Dougherty’s poems fuse the philosopher and spiritual seer in him with the close observer of the natural world in its many facts, forces, weathers. Anchored in the actual, he can rise to rapture without sentimentality, and use with authority words like nobility, salvation, grace and mystery.”

Here’s a brief interview Dougherty did with the editors of Jenny which overviews his writing process and commitments

Many creative enterprises are in the works. One project is a collection of emblems which combine a short verse with small calligraphic abstract artwork, which have been displayed at the Atrium Gallery in Corning and the Word & Image Gallery in Treadwell, NY. Some have been published in Shuf Poetry (Issue 4). See the Samples page for others.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Edward,

    couldn’t find an email, so i’ll write you here.

    a long overdue thank you for the review. i think i hesitated to contact you and thank you when it came out thinking maybe the protocol for that sort of thing forbade it–forgive me. it was my first review and i didn’t know how to respond. anyway, thank you a thousand times over–i was honored by your praise of the book.

    i look forward to your book of essays–out any day now? Loved Grace Street, btw–very elegant poems. beautiful work.

    i have a new book out, from CLB, a book of sonnets addressing covid and roughly following the narrative structure of Dante’s Divine Comedy. let me know your address and i’ll send you a copy. not fishing for a review i promise–just would like to repay you for the last one.

    best wishes


    • Hello Cory,
      What a great message to receive. Thank you for the kind words about Grace Street–I’m proud of those quiet, sustained meditations! (Can we say that about our own poems?)

      I’m shocked to hear that my review was the first, but I’m pleased that you felt honored. Some years ago I realized that we send this work into the world and so often are greeted with silence. Nada comes back. So I resolved to comment, with a personal note or email or by doing a review. Thus, my regular AMRI contributions. It’s a discipline that fosters more precise reading, and so a deeper enjoyment, of work I am inspired by. Congrats on the new book, and I will email you directly to exchange addresses. Journey Work should be out any week now…


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