Thanks to all the patrons who contributed to the very successful Indiegogo Campaign, Edward’s new book is Everyday Objects  2015, Plain View Press). Check out the page on this site dedicated to it.

Edward A. Dougherty is a poet who earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University and has published 2 collections of poetry and 5 chapbooks, the most recent of which is Backyard Passages (2012, FootHills Publishing).

He has contributed to many publications, as poetry editor at the Mid-American Review and as  a contributing editor at the Alehouse Review, Third Wednesday, and Rowboat: Poetry in Translation. In addition to poetry, Dougherty’s essays and reviews have appeared in the Cincinnati Review, North American Review, and War, Literature, and the Arts. His essay about learning the craft of poetry (and crafting his life for it) was published in Memoir and reprinted in the second edition of The Working Poet (2014, MAMMOTH Books).

He grew up outside of Philadelphia, is the product of Catholic schools, graduated from Penn State, took three years to work at the Cable Guide and then as a retreat leader, before moving to Bowling Green.

He has many creative enterprises in the works. One recent project is a collection of emblems which combine a short verse with small calligraphic abstract artwork (see Events). Some have been published in Shuf Poetry (Issue 4).

Another manuscript entitled  Under a Secret Zodiac brings together his long interest in poetic images and visual arts. Originally, this interest led to his chapbook The Luminous House, which responds to artwork by Paul Klee, but recently he returned to that collection and expanded it by contemplating Marc Chagall’s paintings as well. Under a Secret Zodiac made it into the top 100 in Copper Canyon’s open reading period.

Finally, it took over a decade, but Edward’s completed 10048, a collection of poems about the World Trade Center. The manuscript has been a finalist and semi-finalist in contests, and was even accepted for publication but editorial differences kept it from going forward. See the Sample page for links to published poems from 10048 edward-dougherty-b-752x752



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